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Sport & Rehabilitation 

If you’re looking for an exercise physiologist in Sydney, talk to our team at Aevum Health. We offer a variety of sports rehabilitation programs and sports physio in Sydney.

Talk to our exercise physiologist in Sydney today – contact us now online or call 02 8544 3231.

V02 Max

Metabolic profiling is routinely done on endurance Olympic and professional athletes. This metabolic profiling is now more readily available not only to professional and Olympic athletes but to amateur and recreational endurance athletes who may be seeking an option to improve their performance on a more scientific level. A simple metabolic profile called a VO2max assessment can determine an athlete’s unique metabolic profile which is a body’s precise response to exercise. If an endurance athlete has a comprehensive understanding of their VO2max number and how to use this number, the biological changes that occur with incorporating VO2max training in their performance program will in turn help them to obtain peak performance.

V02 Information Page

Alter G

How Will the AlterG Help Me?

 Unique unweighting technology provides the opportunity to rehabilitate lower extremities like never before

 Precise partial weight-bearing enables accurate implementation of unweighting protocols not found in any other rehabilitation equipment on the market

 Provides highly effective neuromuscular and proprioceptive retraining

AlterG Information Page