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Back Pain 

Bakc physiotherapy can be extremely helpful when it comes to back pain. Low Back or lumbar pain is one of the most common conditions occurring in the Australian population. Low back or lumbar pain can occur at any age.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association – Details the following back facts

  • around 25 per cent of Australians suffer from back pain on any day
  • the muscles, ligaments, discs or bones in your back could all be the source of back pain. Fortunately, conditions like arthritis, cancer or infection are rare causes of back pain
  • many people self-manage an episode of back pain by staying active and using simple pain medicines or a hot pack to relieve their pain. Resting in bed will probably delay recovery: movement is key
  • most people with back pain do not need an X-ray, CT or MRI scan
  • effective treatments are available from your local physio or GP. Most patients do not need to see a specialist.
  • surgery is only suitable for a very small group of patients with back pain

How Can A Physio Help?

Our physiotherapists in Kirrawee can provide assessment to assist with understanding the cause of the pain, treatment to help reduce or alleviate the pain and also provide information on safe ways to care for your back and advice on how to avoid future injury.

If you need specialist physio for back pain, contact us online or call 02 8544 3231 now.

Aaron is by far the best physiotherapist I have ever met. He has the most extensive knowledge of injuries and conditions and really talks things through with you.

WhiteCoat Review

21/01/2015 Left by a Patient

Aaron is highly professional and I was really impressed with his diagnosis and evaluation. I have great confidence in him being able to fix my issue.

WhiteCoat Review

30/10/2014 Left by a Patient

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