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Headaches and head pain can be caused by disorders of the neck or muscle spasm or tightness caused by physical tension. Our Kirrawee physiotherapists can assist by diagnosing and treating headaches which originate from the soft tissues around the cervical spine and / or shoulder region. Treatment and exercise prescription can be beneficial in preventing the pain from recurring.

Neck Ache

If there are symptoms including a number listed below, this can give you a firm indication of whether your neck is the source of the headache

  • neck pain occurs with the headache
  • light-headedness or dizziness
  • staying in the same position for a long period precipitates the headache
  • worsened by neck movement or commences with a neck movement
  • eased by massaging the base of the skull
  • your doctor has excluded other causes


If you suspect that your neck or posture is causing or contributing to the headache, if you experience painful headaches, neck aches or migraines, without another cause identified, a physiotherapist should be consulted to assess your condition.

Find out more about our headache physiotherapy – contact us online or call 02 8544 3231.

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