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Physio for Neck Pain

Neck pain physiotherapy can relieve the symptoms of neck pain. The main causes of neck pain are related to a specific injury or postural problems. Injuries can include whiplash, direct trauma, compression injury, degenerative conditions, underlying conditions such as scoliosis. Whatever the cause our Kirrawee physio team can identify or assist in reaching a diagnosis for your neck pain.

The head is a heavy par of the human anatomy and balanced on a stack or narrow bones called vertebrae. The mobility of the neck allows us to perform many essential activities and functions and improves visual field reach. To achieve the functions the neck is naturally mobile. The natural mobility leaves the neck liable to injury and easily damaged. Diseases that also effect the neck include arthritis or degeneration of the discs which can also cause pain.

Physiotherapy provides essential rehabilitation post neck surgery, or injury such as whiplash.

Neck Injuries

Common causes of neck injury includes motor vehicle, sports or work accidents. In NSW treatment necessary due to work accidents are provided for under workers compensation. Whiplash occurs commonly due to the forces exerted on the neck in car accidents. The forces include acceleration and deceleration, which results in an unnatural movement, where the head is thrown backwards and forwards or forwards and backwards.

The Physio can assist in multiple ways from advising of safe activity parameters during critical stages of injury recovery, prescribing a tailored series of exercise, posture prescription, pain aids, manual therapy, dry needling, and pain alleviation methods. The many treatment modalities assist to manage the injury and help you reach optimum health.

If you need specialist physio for neck pain, contact us online or call 02 8544 3231 now.

Aaron is by far the best physiotherapist I have ever met. He has the most extensive knowledge of injuries and conditions and really talks things through with you.

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21/01/2015 Left by a Patient

Aaron is highly professional and I was really impressed with his diagnosis and evaluation. I have great confidence in him being able to fix my issue.

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30/10/2014 Left by a Patient

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