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Physiotherapy Pilates


What you can expect with Physio Pilates?

– Training of multifidus and m transversus

– Checks of posture, tonus, tension, mobility

– Reorganization of stabilizing chain

– Posture correction

  • Tonus normalization
  • Muscle balance
  • Isolated training of stabilizers
  • Integration of stabilizing muscle system into complete muscle corset
  • Active postural control


Pilates has been proven to provide improvements in lumbar extensor and scapular stabilizer strength. There have been studies supporting improvements in lower back pain from Pilates.


Pilates was the brainchild of Joseph H Pilates. Pilates appeared during World War I to rehabilitate those injured by the war. Recently, the method started to be used by health professionals with the objective of integrating body and mind, because it improves fitness, flexibility, strength, posture, balance and body awareness. Exercises, first gained recognition among professional dancers, actors and choreographers but has become more popular and is now regularly applied in sport, fitness and physiotherapy. Pilates works by combining breathing techniques with special stretches. It is a method of exercise which focuses on improving body’s core by making the body more flexible & stronger.

Recent Literature review of the role of Pilates in rehabilitation concludes that Pilates have wide range of application in rehabilitation.

To optimise the positive effects of load on bones and muscles, and minimise stress on joints and passive structures for safety, the physiotherapist works to ensure that during Pilates your spine and legs are in optimal alignment. The physiotherapists in depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology supports their technique corrections

“Aevum Physiotherapy comprises an expert team of Physiotherapists and Allied Health Clinicians that offer unrushed consultations combined with the latest treatment techniques”

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