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Biomechnical Assessments

For Optimum Gait

What does Optimum Gait mean for me

The biomechanics of walking, running and sprinting are different. If you are doing any of these activities regularly proper foot mechanics can ensure that you can do these activities for longer, with lower risk of injury.

Sobering fact – Hip replacements with consequent rehabilitation can cost upwards of $45,000. There can be serious health risks associated with major surgery such as a hip or knee replacement – at any age.

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The Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment identifies abnormalities in gait – that could be causing compensations which can lead to overloading of muscles and increased risk of injury development.

Common Issues

Common Issues that can be caused by poor foot mechanics or gait include:


plantar fasciitis

knee issues

hip issues

low-back issues

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