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NDIS Services

Improved Health & Wellbeing (Category 3.12)

Exercise physiology

  • Exercise physiology advice and training provided either individually or in a group in an air conditioned Aevum Rehab Gym

Personal Training 

  • Personal training session in air conditioned Aevum Rehab Gym with modified and accesible equipment to improve Health & Wellbeing


Improved Daily Living (Category 3.15)

Individual assessment, therapy and/or training (includes assistive technology)

  • Physiotherapy
  • AlterG: gait retraining, neurophysio
  • Podiatry Assessment, therapy, training, fitting
  • Specialised individual therapy for early childhood

We offer complimentary Discovery Sessions… share your goals, discover if we can help & tour the Gym without effecting your budget. Please call

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NDIS Services 

Aevum Physiotherapy stands for Training that is inclusive, connected and optimized. We have currently available service utilising ‘gym-tech’ and the skills expereince and passion of our team.

The Aevum physio team believe that sport and physical activity for all people is a means of enhancing life, increasing social interaction, improving physical and mental health and empowering people in all aspects of their lives. Our challenge is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same awareness of & access to opportunities to be active.

Physical programs can help increase functional ability. So, by enjoying consistent strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility enhancing movements, our NDIS participants will improve skills for living in addition to the health benefits.

Our Medically Oriented Gym offers an inclusive environment to improve and maintain health by providing cutting edge technological equipment, in a beautiful setting, with a friendly and fun culture. The  studio is accessible and safe for all people to attend. With an exceptionally qualified and professional staff, we provide the kind of support that empowers you to integrate healthy, smart decisions into real life. Through fitness, wellness and guidance, the medtech gym is specifically designed to improve your life and health. Working closely with your doctor and other healthcare providers, we help our members achieve and maintain an exceptional quality of life, while preventing injuries.

Join Us

We have both a group program and an individual program. Both programs are outcomes focused in both fitness and fun measures aiming to provide a service that achieves great results but not at the loss of clean simple fun!

Our individual program is one-on-one with our highly qualified Exercise Physiologists, it is best suited to individuals with higher needs or who don’t feel ready to be in a group setting. The program encompasses general cardiovascular exercise, functional strength training with the goal to make activities that the individual may be finding more challenging easier by breaking down that tasks and strengthening all aspects that are required to complete that task more proficiently. Finally it will conclude with a stretching cool down. This part of the program is very important as due to many disability factors range of motion and flexibility is often an area that is over looked but easily improved with guidance.

Our group program is best suited to individuals looking to have a social component to their fitness. We try to make the group sessions as engaging as possible and have a maximum group size of 5 participants so that each individual is supported at all times. The aim of this program is to not only address the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components as the individual program does but to also look to improve general psychological and social factors as part of a program aimed at overall wellbeing as well as health and fitness.

Alter G

This assistive technology was originally designed by NASA. It was originally designed to help astronauts simulate walking on the moon. This special anti-gravity treadmill helps take the stress off of the body during walking or running. In fact, the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill allows people to run using only 20 percent of their bodyweight.

Alter G gives a way for non-painful, controlled weight bearing. Studies show physical activity prevents atrophy of muscles and improves outcomes.

The AlterG’s unique differential air pressure technology applied by experienced and accredited Allied Health Clinicians provides accurate, safe and comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy while promoting normal gait patterns.

“I have been cane dependent for over 15 years and require a scooter for long distances. I’ve been walking on the Alter G for approximately 8 months. I’m thrilled with the improvement in my walking on and off of the machine. I have slowly progressed to walking for 25 minutes on the Alter G at 40% of my body weight. My biggest thrill is how much better and farther I’m walking with my cane. Additionally my legs are stronger and I have not fallen for several months. I’m actually able to walk a few steps without my cane which is a monumental accomplishment for me”: Betty Pramik, From 'Living with MS'

9 July 2015,

Pediatric Rehab on the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill –

Available at Aevum

How Will the AlterG Help Me?

  • Unique unweighting technology provides the opportunity to rehabilitate lower extremities like never before

  • Precise partial weight-bearing enables accurate implementation of unweighting protocols not found in any other rehabilitation equipment on the market

  • Provides highly effective neuromuscular and proprioceptive retraining

Unlike the simple lift harness devices, AlterG rehabilitation treadmills incorporate differential air pressure technology developed by NASA and enhanced by AlterG to provide precise unweighting in one percent increments.

AlterG’s exclusive precision allows the ability to set the exact point where exercise becomes pain free and provides clinicians a way to accurately measure patient progress. This revolutionary rehabilitation treadmill is used and recommended by leading physical therapy clinics, hospitals, colleges and pro sports teams.

What is Technogym Kinesis? 

Kinesis is a cable-based equipment incorporating weight stacks. It allows for a vast range of movements of all body areas which ensure simultaneous involvement of balance, strength, flexibility and stability. The special technical characteristics of this product are described as FullGravity Technology, an innovation which provides a load in every spatial plane. It encourages participants to move freely and enjoyably, facilitating rather than hindering execution and making for natural movement.

The Kinesis is Wheelchair accessible and comes with a range of modifications which makes it highly accessible for people of all physical functions.

The continuous cable loop technology enables a reduction in interference that the cable may have with the body, especially during “push” movements. They adapt automatically to hand position and body type.

Double weight stacks mean that each cable manages one single weight stack, each one thus remaining independent from the other. This solution allows greater freedom in loading the exercises and selecting the most suitable load.

Kinesis incorporates a 360° rotating pulley system which enables movement on three planes. the system allows the user to move freely without cable interference and provides resistance to all possible body movements.

Resistance varies gradually, according to the increase in movement range. Consequently, the actual load is different to the selected load. This feature can be used to vary the resistance during exercising, without changing the set load. This type of resistance is comparable to elastic resistance.

Treatment prescriptions may include;

  • muscular strengthening, endurance and power
  • aerobic exercise promoting cardiovascular efficiency
  • circuit training
  • goal setting and accountability
  • restoration of joint mobility, stability and muscle flexibility through treatment and conditioning
  • neuromuscular control and proprioception training

Further Information

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