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Only a foot guru would be keen to write exclusively about the feet, and that is what we call our podiatrist servicing the Sutherland Shire. For all you podiatry needs in the Sutherland Shire, for sweet feet, contact our Podiatrist.

As we all know the process of ageing is inevitable and beyond human control.  It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes common health complaints are blamed upon ‘old age’ with the consequence of leaving it untreated or neglected.

Mobility, function and independence are three essential foundations that are essential for every individual; these foundations can be threatened in many different ways, especially when we get older. These foundations are indicators of good health and are sometimes not given the adequate importance or even worse neglected.

There are several changes that occur naturally in our feet such as changes in the thickness of the skin, nails and blood circulation. Other common major changes that might occur may impose challenges such as limited mobility, inability to self care or foot deformities that make it harder to find adequate footwear. When it comes to foot pain, the chances of experiencing it as we get older increases for several reasons, these include the wear and tear of our joints, changes in circulation and increasing the likelihood of having a chronic condition that puts us at risk.

The importance of having healthy feet is often not given a priority but we have found that by simply giving your feet the adequate care and attention will prevent many limitations in the future. This includes finding appropriate footwear, visiting a podiatrist frequently and being active. To give you a clear picture to understand on how much work our feet normally goes through, it is estimated that an average human would walk around the world four times the circumference of our planet during his lifespan. Considering that is done on just two limbs, that is a lot, and it is imperative to make this journey as smooth as possible. Be wise and kind to yourself and take good care of your feet since we only get one pair and there are no such things as replacements so far.